Photography Course Cairns starts February 2014

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Do you need a helping hand with your photography? Have you purchased a new beaut digital SLR but have no idea how to drive it?  Our monthly photography course cairns starts Tuesday 4th February.
The Cairns Better Photography Course includes over 14 hours of group and personalised tuition, spread out over one month. The maximum number of participants is six (6) and the photography course is suited to introductory / intermediate first time SLR users

Book now, only 2 spots left.

For full details see our better photography workshop page

To view some great images from our previous workshops, click here
Why take photos? Capture your world to share with others; Embrace your family memories; A career as a professional photographer.
Finding the Vision, Using Mentors. Get your artistic juices flowing.
Focus on Composition. Explore the fundamentals of great photo; Learn how to integrate these fundamentals into your own photograph.
Learn your camera and lens. Get the most from your current camera; Understand the difference in equipment.
Master exposure. Take the guess work away; Learn the different shooting modes.
Show me the light! Make the most of available light; How to modify natural and add artificial light.
Digital workflow. Properly organize, manage and backup your images.
Edit and enhance. Introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop.
Sharing your images. What medium works best for you, from print to online galleries.
Keeping your photography passion alive and furthering your skills. What techniques/ habits / organisations will help you improve

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  1. Greg Spencer says:

    Hi I’m interested in finding out a little bit more about your courses n workshops that r on offer. Living in Melbourne at the moment but thinking about relocating over the next few months.



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