Cairns Documentary Filming Services – Underwater – Topside – Aerial

Cairns documentary filming services which cover everything from the reef, the rainforest, the outback and beyond is something we’re proud to deliver at Calypso Reef Imagery. We’ve got the people, equipment and experience to provide specialized Cairns documentary filming services.

Stuart Ireland and the team at Calypso have extensive documentary filming experience, having worked alongside crews from ABC, BBC, CNN, Tourism Australia, Tourism Queensland, Qantas, Jetstar and more. Based in Cairns, we work around the region, country and world. We’re excited by nature based documentaries and using the latest filming technology, to deliver outstanding cinematography results, for all documentary clients.


Cairns Underwater Documentary Filming Services

Calypso are widely regarded as the industry leaders in Cairns underwater documentary filming services. We were the first underwater camera operators to use high definition, digital cameras on Cairns Great Barrier Reef. That was over 26 years ago, since then, our team has been filming the Great Barrier Reef each and every day. Our crew are on a range of day tour boats, visiting a variety of Great Barrier Reef locations. We’ve got the local knowledge, experience and contacts to provide superior Cairns underwater documentary filming services. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Underwater and topside camera crew, camera assist, safety divers.
  • Hire of 4-8K underwater filming equipment, including HID-LED lighting;
  • Location scouting, we have an expansive knowledge of local reefs, operators and most importantly, local weather conditions
  • Provision of extra stock footage.


Cairns Documentary Filming Services

Calypso also specialise in Cairns documentary filming services above the water. We’re talking tourism, government, educational, utilities and more. Interviews, scenic vision, stock shots, arranging appropriate licenses, local contacts, talent, pre and post production, we can do it all. Centrally located at the Reef Fleet Terminal, the Calypso team work seven days a week, 365 days a year and can travel around the city, region and country for documentary filming projects. For more information contact Stuart Ireland today on (07) 4041 5581.


Cairns Aerial Documentary Filming Services

Our fleet of drones allow us to provide clients with specialized Cairns aerial documentary filming services. We can fly further, faster and closer than anyone else in town, providing professional pre and post production. Our DJI Mavic3 Cine are perfect for low budget and high risk situations. While our Inspire 2 drones can go from 0 to 80kmph in 5 seconds, has a top speed of 95kmph and a 27 minute flight time. CASA approved, Calypso are fully covered with worldwide liability insurance up to $20 million and have experienced camera operators. Our UAVs can go up to 400feet and we can get licenses to go higher, if required. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Filming, production and supply of high definition, broadcast quality vision;
  • Organizing talent;
  • Cairns and Tropical North Queensland filming and location advice;
  • Provision of extra stock footage (including reef, rainforest and outback).

For more information on Calypso Reef Imagery’s documentary filming services, contact or phone (07) 4041 5581.