Reef Today

Reef Today is a series of videos produced to inform the general public about the reef, it’s marine inhabitants, and its current health status. We talk with marine biologists, master reef guides, marine tourism operators and staff, and the general public, those visiting the reef, to gain people’s perspectives on the “Reef Today” and what we can do help its preservation . Since 2012, the Reef Today series has produced over 50 episodes on the Great Barrier Reef.

Self funded by creator Stuart Ireland and his company Calypso Productions, we now need your help to take this series into the 20’s.  A small donation per episode can be organised at

Reef Today is always looking for people to tell or show their story about the Great Barrier Reef.

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Cairns Turtle Rehab Centre

Reef Today also documents many of the turtle releases and projects performed by CTRC.

See below some of the more recent releases.  This footage is available to purchase, all enquires to