Cairns Corporate Filming Services – Calypso Reef Imagery

Cairns corporate filming services provided by the professional team at Calypso Reef Imagery Centre include underwater, topside and aerial (drone) work. With more than 25 years corporate filming experience, Stuart Ireland and the team at Calypso deliver innovative work, which will inspire and impress.

Services are tailored to your needs, budget and application. Previous experience includes television shows, documentaries, commercials and conferences. Our underwater, topside and drone filming equipment allows us to create truly special productions for our clients.

Customers include government, tourism, utility providers, sporting teams and events, conferences and community groups. Our Cairns corporate filming services are available around the city, region and beyond.


Camera Crew

Stuart Ireland leads the Calypso camera crew from the front. A keen scuba diver and qualified marine biologist, Stuart’s passion started in photography and advanced to include all levels of filming. He is excited by technology and the progress it provides to capture truly amazing footage and film. He brings a unique perspective to all his corporate filming services, combining equipment with a keen eye for aesthetics and production.


Corporate Filming Services

Corporate filming experience includes many major local events and activities including, but not limited to, Great Barrier Reef day tours and liveaboard trips, coral spawning, television shows and commercials, triathlons, the Great Pyramid Race and the BMX Nationals. Our dynamic filming services include underwater and aerial cinematography and we offer a combination of skills, equipment and expertise.


Equipment and Insurances

We use professional filming equipment, including a fleet of well-maintained UAV (drones) which have been specifically selected for their image acquisition capabilities. We’re a CASA approved UAV operation and are insured up to $20 million with worldwide public liability insurance. All our equipment has the best back-ups and redundancies and we’re happy to work on central, regional and remote projects. We can fly higher and go deeper than anyone we know and we’re prepared to go the extra mile, to achieve the best results for you.

For more information on Calypso’s Cairns corporate filming services, contact Stuart Ireland today on or phone (07) 4041 5581.