Calypso Reef Imagery – Cairns, Great Barrier Reef and Beyond

Cairns Great Barrier Reef underwater digital photography services were pioneered by Calypso Productions, when they first started in 1992.

Pristine Cairns Reefs

Pristine Cairns Reefs

In the ensuing two decades, Calypso Productions, trading as Calypso Reef Imagery, has provided professional filming and photography services on most Great Barrier Reef vessels departing from Cairns and expanded their services to include:

  • Cairns Underwater Filming
  • Cairns Aerial and Drone Filming Services
  • Cairns Corporate Videos
  • Documentary Filming Services
  • Cairns Underwater Photography
  • Cairns Underwater Camera Hire
  • Cairns Underwater Photography Courses
  • Cairns Underwater Kids Portraits
  •  Cairns Great Barrier Reef Stock Photo Library

Regarded as leaders in Cairns’ underwater digital photography industry, Calypso Reef Imagery is passionate about the Great Barrier Reef and its unique marine landscape.
Locally owned and operated by Cairns couple, Stuart and Lisa Ireland, who employ a team of experienced underwater photographers and videographers, Calypso Reef Imagery is out on the Great Barrier Reef every single day, capturing memorable moments of visitors enjoying the unique marine life that call this World Heritage protected area home.

The Calypso Reef Imagery team logs more than 15,000 hours under the water, behind the lens, each and every year. They are passionate about digital underwater photography and providing their professional services, which not only capture the memories of those who are visiting the reef, but allows them to share this amazing place with others.


Stuart Ireland

Stuart IrelandMarine biologist and underwater cinematographer by trade, Stuart was a Dive Instructor and ran several dive schools before first turning his hand to underwater videography back in the late 1980’s. Never satisfied with the quality and reproduction of analogue media, he was one of the first in Queensland to invest in digital videography equipment for underwater applications and has since moved into HD technology. Since then, Stuart has personally spent more than 5,500 hours under the water, behind the lens, diving and photographing / filming marine environments as diverse as the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef, to the significantly colder climes of Antarctica/Arctic over to the adrenalin pumping action of filming the sardine run off Africa, and everywhere in between. Continuing his quest to film amazing places with the latest technology, Stuart has expanded his interest, equipment and expertise to include UAV (drone ) filming services, allowing Calypso to specialize in aerial cinematography and photography. For more information see our Cairns Aerial Filming Services page.

Lisa Conyers

Lisa Conyers
Growing up in Kenya, Lisa was inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape and unique animals that roamed the African plains. Capturing their rugged and untamed nature through her lens, Lisa quickly developed an extensive portfolio of African wildlife photography. This passion turned towards the sea, when Lisa became a Dive Instructor and took her camera under the water with her. Lisa has travelled extensively, pictorially documenting the landscape, people and animals during her travels.

Calypso Imagery Team

Calypso Team 2012With a dive hard, film hard philosophy, Calypso Reef Imagery underwater photographers / videographers are trained not only in the art of capturing stunning video footage and images, but also in the finer aspects of what to look for (a significant benefit from Stuart’s marine biology background) and how to deliver what customers really want.Calypso Reef Imagery photographers can be spotted on the various reefs and bombies of the Great Barrier Reef seven days a week 365 days a year. For more information on our team or services, please contact us today on phone (07) 4041 5581 or email