Introducing Capture Cairns

Created by stuart under Calypso News on Friday 26th of September 2014

An exciting new service from Calypso Productions is about to be launched!

All the gear and no idea …. Sound familiar ? Most photographers wouldn’t like to admit it, but not many use their cameras to their full potential.
As photographers we are bombarded with the latest and greatest gadgets everyday.
Today’s  most innovated models become superseded tomorrow.
Many photographers are driven by the idea that if they buy the best equipment, their photography will auto-magically improve.
THE most important part of improving your photography, it’s not the speed of your lens, how many megapixels you have or even that exotic location you have just flown halfway around the world to see.  It’s your eye!
If we spent as much in developing our skills as a photographer as buying new equipment, we would all be (well many )  Ansel Adams!

The beauty of photography is everyone (even the pros) keep learning and improving their technique.  For a gifted few, this comes naturally.  But for most of us, we need to develop our skills learning from others, finding our our style and practice, practice, practice!

Enrolling on a photography course or photography tour/trip will be the best value your money can buy, on improving your photography, period!

Capture Cairns, Calypso’s new and innovative service will do just this. Aimed at all levels of photography, from beginner to advanced. Landscape, portrait, macro, wildlife, even underwater and aerial.

Our professional and award winning photographers deliver you with personalised, one-on-one tuition to take your photography to your next level.

So, if you spend time behind the lens on holiday, create master pieces rather than happy snaps, images you hang on the wall, not store on your long lost hard drive.

Remember capturing the moment often means you’re not  in the moment, so make it count or leave your camera in your bag! (or use your iphone)

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