Coral Spawning 2013 Great Barrier Reef

Created by stuart under Calypso News on Monday 27th of May 2013

Like to witness this years spectacular coral spawning?  Then plan ahead.  Two of the main factors determining when coral will spawn is the lunar cycle and water temperature. I will be organizing a trip off Cairns this November. For further details see below.

Full moon lies on November 18th 2013, which allows plenty of time for coral to ripen their gametes as water temperature increases.  Spawning usually occurs 4-6 nights after full moon, so Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd look best bet at this stage. I will advise closer to date, depending on boat availability. PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST, via email. If we have enough people I will charter a vessel for 3 days so we can stay out on reef. From 16 years of filming the coral spawning, this is best option  Another way is to do evening trip with operator such as TUSA dive.

Reef Teach will be staging special coral spawning talks either on land pre-event or on selected vessels traveling on evening

Calypso Reef Imagery will be offering video and underwater camera rentals with lighting options.

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