GoPro VS Intova HD video comparison

Created by stuart under Calypso News on Wednesday 15th of January 2014

We get alot of people in our shops asking for GoPro to use underwater and what I recommend
Unfortunately for many entry level customers, they are getting too expensive once you add an LCD, extra batteries (which you need as the battery only lasts 1 dive if you use LCD)

So I went looking a camera which was half the price, had an LCD included and the battery lasts longer than 1 dive!

The INTOVA SPORTS HD2 comes in at $259 retail, includes an LCD, so I thought I’d test the GoPro VS Intova HD on video comparison, which has similar specs.
I shot both in HD 1080p, with no red filter (dive was to 10m, averaging 5m), and rigged them side by side with twin SOLA 2000 LED lights each side.
Both action cams were used in out of box mode, full auto, however I did set GoPro lens from super wide to normal to closer match the Intova.
The footage has been unedited, pretty much straight from camera, both mp4 files were dropped onto FCP timeline, then converted to mov file, there is no colour correction etc.
Visibility was really bad, about 5-8m, on Moore Reef of Cairns, due to seasonal rainfall/sea conditions.
After the 90 minute dive, I let the cameras roll to gauge battery life.

So sit back and watch, you can be the judge… (please remember to like or comment on video)

GOPRO HERO3 Silver, LCD backpack, RRP (with LCD) AUD$529, battery life 80 minutes
INTOVA Sports HD2, LCD built in, RRP AUD$259 battery life 180 minutes +

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