Cuttlefish Confrontation

Cuttlefish Confrontation - Photo 1

Some great Cuttlefish action on Flora Reef, on the ribbons. During a drift dive towards the lagoon I came across a solitary cuttlefish. After taking a few shots, he (or she) swam over to another rubble patch, dominated by another individual. The ensuing battle, or threat display took all or 3 seconds. Renee Brown was luckly enough to witness this confrontation as well, and got a shot of me shooting these wonderful animals. (more…)

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Ethan on his first dive, well sort of!

Underwater Pregnancy Photo 1

A very special member of the Johnston family awaits. Julie and Richard just can’t stay out of the water!. This underwater pregnancy photo shoot took place in the warm of Pro Dive’s pool. Next time I might make Richard redundant with a tripod. How long can Ethan hold his breathe? (more…)

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